3 Free Tools for Creating a Color Palette

Paint brushes on a canvas painted in red hues.

Website color schemes have come a long way from the text on white background of the first website.  Modern websites have a wide range of colors and hues available to them.  Today we see a wider range of colors and patterns emerging on websites as they try to engage visitors.

Selecting a palette can be a somewhat daunting task.  Sometimes the color on your business card doesn’t look right on your website.  Or maybe you are not sure what secondary colors you should use. Fortunately, there are free color palette generators available on the web.  Here are three of my favorites.

  • Coolors – https://coolors.co/   This site has a cool tool where you can just hit the space bar and a new color palette appears.  See a color your like?  Lock it and continue using the space bar to find other colors to go with it.

It can also pick colors from an image and you can save palettes you like.  Clicking the Explore feature will bring up thousands of pre-configured palettes to help get your creative juices going.

But, the feature I like best is the color blindness tool.  Click on the ‘eye’ and you can test your palette for eight different forms of color blindness. 

  • Colormind – http://colormind.io/   Like Coolors you can have a palette auto generate, browse palettes that have been created or upload an image to use in creating a palette. 

What it does a little differently is gives guidance on how to use the colors in a palette.  Click on Website Colors, scroll down it describes each of the colors and how best to use them on a website. 

You can upload an image, explore color palettes or use their color wheel to customize a palette.  Once you have a palette in Canva, you can use it to create a graphic. 

Color is such a fun thing to play with.  I hope that you will find these sites helpful when trying to come up with color schemes for all your digital projects.

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  1. Maja Haaning says:

    Let s say you know the image you want to include in your graphic, and you d also love some hints on which colors to use for frames, backgrounds, text, and icons. Upload the picture to Pictaculous, and you ll get your answer. The tool studies your image and returns suggested palettes you can pick from. The main image for this post (see above or below) is one that I built from scratch using a handful of tools listed here in the post.

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